Monday, October 5, 2015


Anthony Mazziotto Moto America III guerre fastest driver in the lineup for the KTM Coupe World Final weekend suis à Silverstone. Circumnavigated the British the 15-year-old New Jersey county en 2: 38.06, 12th overall secondes before and 0109 KTM RC 390 Coupe champion Gage McAllister, who posted the fastest speed performance of 32 entries, 117.1 hours miles.
"This piece is really cool," said the first Mazziotto after 20 minutes of two sessions. "It's different than the much most traces au Royaume-many long straights and change of each position going into the next round. Rédaction is a great thing to be here."
Ritt Mazziotto alone in Formation de second. "I went by myself, I thus find could, where I wanted to," he said. "I dropped half a second and learned a lot. I was looking at the trap speeds and me 9 mph slower [than McAllister], de sorte that I think I'll be with the lead pack tomorrow, when I'm in a get group. "
McAllister agreed draft is crucial to be of importance for a good grid position. "The track chapeau some narrow sections," he said, "but most of it's pretty wide open and fast. There are three lines, which I think are worth that you add at least one half second draft. If you To those reviews, which is returned as AFIN far as I. From the current market leader "
Speaking of leading Dutch driver Dijm Ulrich (2 36 414) and Robert Schotman (2: 36,545) on top of the time sheets dans Kuhlen, sunny conditions. Finland Patrik Pulkkinen (2 36 978) was third. During the afternoon, mourir graduated most drivers 15 16 or on the laps 18 tour, 3.67-mile circuit. Race distance is eight rounds.
Moreover, learning a new track, Mazziotto, McAllister, Hayden Schultz (2: 38,653), Braeden Ortt (2 38 904), and Justin McWilliams (2 39 847) had reviews of their first encounter with the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR tires (110 / 70-17 front, 150 / 60-17 rear) worldwide en KTM RC series used Coupe. Moto America Characteristics 13s Dunlop Alpha.
"They have a Metzeler's softer than the much carcass and another Dunlop feeling, not bad, not good, just different," McAllister said. "How do you, that I'm on my bike had the front-end feeling at home, crucial really, and I think that we always Middle tard."
Added Schultz, "The are a bit different from the Dunlop Metzeler, alors find mourir border guerre interesting. I had a few moments on the edge. I lost the avant a few times, and I Highsider rapidly."
Silverstone is the second longest circuit Schultz chapeau, the first Road America ridden. There is also wide. "These bikes do not have a lot of strength," he said, "AFIN that you end up with traces more than you know, était to do with it. It would be on a large motorcycle Really fun."
Transmission problems, not his broken hand gas, plagued Ortt in the first de formation. "The track is incredible," he said, "but I can tell you straight mourir a little to get bored."
ORTT parchemin intestinal Metzeler with. "To go and began changing the vélos de Once, she had a lot of feeling. This is the first time that I one of those bikes that I feel able était, the rear tire does ridden."
McWilliams crashed on the second lap of the first session. "I am impressed with the tires," he said, but the left to warm not right "side of my rear tire. The guerre Right side in order. I went into the hairpin, a left-hander, and I ventouses on the gaz to breakfast. Insert de glace and then for a second I lost. "
In the morning the drivers meeting, former Grand Prix hors concours Jeremy McWilliams, on hand, as Americans Colin Edwards and Chris Fillmore to the three KTM riders formateur recommended laps to bring a number of brand new Metzeler's working temperature.
"Tomorrow," McAllister said, speaking for rapidly meurent group: "We need to know where we need to up the pace and make sure we get out there with the right people in the qualification it will come down to staying dans. top tier of the design and to your advantage. "